Atrocious UI Addendum

by theaudiencespeaks

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote. We finally found a place live, so we moved out of my parent’s place. This was one of the reasons I haven’t written much in the last year and a half, (Though I cannot promise to do much better going forward due to current life circumstances) got laid off of my job (On new year’s eve) with the big ol corporate that sees its workers as little disposable cogs… (Can you tell I’m bitter? Not about the getting laid off thing of course but yeah… more bitter about the year I spent in perpetual anxiety of whether or not I was going to receive an even larger uncompensated workload, or get laid off) And three weeks post the glorious release I now have a part time job in the morning and a really wonderful full time job in the evening with a small local company. All combined I should be earning a little more then I was pre-layoff, Though more hours are being demanded… And school starts tomorrow. Whoopie… there goes all my time.

So I thought I’d just drop in for a bit tonight and add a small addendum to my last post about USPS. I got an interesting postcard from them in the mail… What is this all about you may ask? Well since you are so desirous to know… They are having a job fair. What day? Later this month, in January. That is right… Post holiday season… How many positions are they trying to fill? To quote this lovely oversized postcard *More than 400 positions available*. I’ve worked for whole companies less than a tenth that population size. That is an enormous number of people in my mind.

Now I admit, I’m ignorant of local housing development, or population growth rates, and maybe this area is really booming in suburban population… And that is the reason why USPS is now desperate enough to hire 400+ people at the minimum rate of an almost livable wage in this overpriced county (to quote the card again, wages are, “Ranging from $14.37 to $19.00/hr”.) But, considering there are multiple properties going up for sale in my childhood neighborhood, and they are pulling in less than their ideal real estate value, and the fact that I would derive much more entertainment value by denying the above stated causation of USPS’ decisions. I choose to site my previous post as to why there is a huge labor gap filling with money in the ranks of the government run parcel service. Their application process is, frustrating, laborious, nightmarish, take your pick of adjective.  And as a piece of evidence to support my claim, may I quote the card one final time “Morning session participants will have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one assistance in creating their application and applying on-site while openings are available.” (Bold added by me…)

Seriously, when your application process warrants the need for someone to hold the hand of a viable candidate to guide them through it, you’ve failed as a user experience designer! Congrats.

~The Audience