Screw this Daylight Savings/Spending Crap!!!

by theaudiencespeaks

The change in the time has thrown me all out of whack. I’m sorry dear non readers for missing the last few days. I’ve been desperately looking for something to blame for it. Was it the weekend lethargy carrying over till now? Nah. Was it the fact that Work has gotten far more intense and I haven’t even had time to think about blog posting till late at night? Possibly. Was it the time change causing my work schedule to be later in the physical day which has thrown off my circadian cycle since I’m not used to staying up when it is so dark outside, and all my instincts are now telling me I should sleep or at the very least rest because it has been a really stressful day? There it is… I Blame You Daylight Savings/Spending, whichever one it just was.

Why do we have Daylight Savings? I’m still not sure, I’ve heard it is so that power consumption can be reduced by having more daylight hours in the working day. But I know that my employers haven’t really changed their power consumption schedule. They still leave the lights on 24/7 because that is their working schedule. In my family we wake up before dawn and go to bed after dark so our power bill isn’t significantly impacted by the change over. What is the point? It just makes me feel more tired in the evening when I should be writing my NanoWrimo Novel and blogging.

Anyway… Short rant over.

No New Followers… I feel that this should be my slogan rather than a simple statement of fact. Like the No New Taxes slogan. On that note I wonder if WordPress is actually secretly programmed to drive more traffic to your website till you have 25 followers, then you are on your own. If your blog hasn’t taken off with the first 25 people who “Follow” you then you are kind of screwed on ever getting any more traffic… Good! None of you follow me or comment anyway. I’ll rant in peace and public secrecy then.

The Audience