To the Non Bots out there

by theaudiencespeaks

I think I’ve broken 25 “followers”. I’m inclined to believe that at least some of you are not “auto-following, self advertizing inclined,” bots. Then again, I could be wrong. It is kind of a wild world we live in where entire virtual audiences can form with no one actually listening. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor. Unfollow anything you don’t actually read or listen to. If you can’t keep up with the volume of what is going on out there, then stop pretending you do.

In fact, I’ll go one step further. Just slow down on the consumption generally. People have been giving you this advice for years already. There is too much going on in the world. You are a venture capitalist with your time. Really consider each stream of content you are taking in. What are you getting out of it? Is it worth it to you? Or is it just giving you unneeded frustration in your life? Or does it give you perspective? How many hours per day/week/month are you dedicating to the consumption of that media? Is there any other media that can give you more of what you seek? Entertainment? Enlightenment? Education? Connection with community? Are you not getting any of these out of some content stream you are engaging in? Is it because you are spread too thinly between too wide a variety of content streams? Is your notification box so full that it has morphed into a meaningless pile of indistinguishable content mush that you feel obligated to pushing into your brain? Or is it something that you still have the emotional and mental energy to enjoy and digest and actually benefit from. Do you look at your inbox with the sense of excitement? Do you say “Yes, another blog post/podcast episode/ article/ youtube creation from _____” (fill in name of creator here, though Most certainly not my blog as it is a dry turd on the face of the internet at this point)? If you can’t look at your feed with excitement, and instead look at it as a habitual room temperature bud you consume every day to drown out the rest of your life, my friend the fault is not the content creators, they are not the ones who added all those things to your watch list. The problem is you my friend. If the content that you enjoy does not exist, it is because you haven’t made it yet.

If this is your plight, by all means, stop now. Unsubscribe from my blog (Because I know you aren’t actually following, because if you did read this then I Triple Dogg Dare you to give me evidence of it in the form of a comment that will actually make it through the spam filter). Stop obsessively checking Facebook and twitter, and reddit and blogs and everything else. Unfollow, unsubscribe, disconnect. That way when I actually hit 25 followers, it will actually feel like an achievement, and the people who follow me can actually have some energy to interact with me, rather than robotically hit the follow button and send me to the indistinguishable obligatory “Because I have to consume” mush pile.

I wish I were an emoticon artist, Double middle fingers to the auto following Bots out there. F-U.

The Audience.