I need your help

by theaudiencespeaks

I am not strong enough for this. This is not defeat. This is not me quitting. This is acknowledgement of fact. The world is large and complex. Despite my skills I know that what I am doing is not effective or efficient, or enough. I need your help reader. I am not strong, I am not undivided. I have multiple demands and interests. I cannot focus all my stress and energy on one task to the neglect of the rest of my life, I lose energy and motivation. I ask you to not devote all your time to this or any cause I hope to put forward. I want my posts to be succinct and powerful first so that it doesn’t take as much time for me to make it, but also so it doesn’t take as much of your resources to consume it. But what is reasonable to ask? A few minutes a week? I would like to ask something more than zero effort on your part, but I know how hard that is to do. You are like the venture capitalists, even if you do not realize it. You have limited resources, and daily you are getting pitched causes right and left from political leaders, to blogs, to podcasts, to shows, to charities, to churches, to kick starters. What is the return if you do more than just listen to the proposal? What is the return if you do more than just casually read this blog? I don’t know yet, I don’t know what I can promise, I don’t know what you the real audience wants out of this.

I am merely an actor, straining to hold up the mirror to the emerging trends as I can see them reflected in my mind’s eye. But it is a dusty reflection and my language inadequate to truly capture the fevered and complex emotions that exist in trend right now. It is just as futile to capture the sensation of experiencing the smell of rose fields in mere words. Yet I cannot help but make the attempt. You have more experience, and if you don’t, you may know someone who does. By connecting with me, communing with me, and sharing with me, or by passing me and my offer onto another who has experience, you may help to polish that mirror and reflect a better picture. Then as a society we can begin to pick the spinach out of our collective teeth, and work toward an appearance both closer to reality and more approvable to ourselves. We can reclaim our societal self esteem by being honest, refining and re-defining our expectations of reality, putting things in perspective, and forming a complex appreciation that we have done as well as we have, while maintaining some motivation that we can still do better.

I cannot spend all my energies straining to expose problems. It tires myself, and surely tires you. I also need to find solutions, lots of viable solutions, ones that do not require consensus by all, ones that can be implemented by passionate few, ones that work with human nature rather than against it. This is what I mean by my not being enough. But still, I am compelled by godly muses, to keep from going mad, or plunge into my madness, to ever make the attempt.

The Audience