Change may be slow

by theaudiencespeaks

Thinking too deeply blocks my production… Writing every day this past week or so has definitely left my brain a touch sore. I am not used to this. But it is only going to get worse. November approaches rapidly and I am going to attempt NanoWrimo concurrently with this blog (which I haven’t been able to do for the last several years). This blog is purposely anonymous so do not ask for my handle nor my book. Back to the topic at hand, I want to improve but I have a feeling that unless the improvement can happen in the background, in my subconscious, in my natural thought process, it will stand in the way of further improvement by causing me to lose motivation, succumb to fear, stop posting etc… So forgive my garbled rambling. Finding the right words to use for communicating a concept is a difficult process. Hell, Identifying which valuable concepts to even attempt to translate is a feat in its own right. TLDR: My blog is shit for a reason, please be patient, it may get better.

What are my goals? Ambitious, likely impossible, same as yours. One goal, I want to heal the environment by helping humans to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. Another goal, reduce damaging inequality caused by the unchecked rampant greed of those in power by removing the institutional flaws or institutions themselves which enable and encourage abuse and disenfranchisement. Other goals include creating a more health oriented society by re-establishing a wholesome food culture, reducing shaming and the degradation of self esteem, establishing a culture of “professional boundaries” in all industries to protect workers from being persuaded to “burn out,” Encourage everyone to slow down and smell the roses. Last, Improve actual education for education’s sake by freeing information and making it more easily accessible, encourage understanding between groups of differing paradigms, and invent new more price effective means of vetting individual’s abilities and encouraging trust in society, and providing more efficient community dependent lanes of recourse for individuals who have been harmed or wronged. Anything else is superfluous or just cool (I support Space X and self driving cars).

Tell me, even if we do not agree on the means, can we at least agree on the ends? Are there any goals here that we do not agree on?

The Audience