This Critical Juncture.

by theaudiencespeaks

“Reclaim the Elections 2016”. Could it all start that simply? The occupy wall street movement started as a viral email with a simple message, just a few words and a date “Occupy Wall Street… What is Our One Demand?”

If it is to start, if we are to have any chance at making this happen, Now is the time. Midterm elections are coming to a close right now. The Media elites are setting the stage for the next act in their grand soap opera, their farce which we are expected to parrot as the truth. The next Presidential Candidates are all gearing up, slicking back their hair, putting on their makeup, and accepting funds from greedy and powerful interests so they can step on stage and compete for their next step in their political career. Politics wasn’t supposed to be a career position.

If we don’t want yet another painful choice between two “do nothing important puppet show” career politicians, then we had better start working on getting viable third or fourth options on the table now. We are already behind, the Political gears are already starting to crank. We need time to build momentum, gain notoriety. Even if we don’t get our non- career politician elected, then at the very least we can put pressure on the old guard. This happens in business all the time. When a small business honestly runs their business better than the entrenched corporate behemoths already in existence, the behemoths change their ways because they can smell train smoke of all their customers getting ready to leave the station, and the corporation is laying on the track.

We can get the old guard to talk about the important subjects, talk about campaign finance reform, talk about governmental conflict of interest and corruption that occurs when our politicians are funded by the industries that they are supposed to oversee and regulate, talk about the public image America has to the rest of the world, our uninvited role as police, and our role in infantilizing other countries by refusing to let them deal with their own problems. And after that, after the true face of the old guard is revealed, their bogus credulity will crack.

But if we are to do that. We have to start Now. “Reclaim the Elections 2016”

The Audience