Lines in Sand don’t stay long.

by theaudiencespeaks

How did the government’s influence become so pervasive? It is like the politicians decided that all the previous decisions and debates were settled, and to keep from succumbing to boredom they decided that there was continually more that needed to be legislated, till in pharisaic trend, all actions in life are proscribed by rules and regulations. Do Politicians have any business in defining marriage? Does the government have the resources to handle every petty private dispute? Does the Government have the right, or even have an interest in, holding back benign or beneficial technological progress? What of the numerous licenses required to do any job these days? What are the bounds of Government? What lines should not be crossed?

I’m no libertarian, I do not wish to do away with all government, particularly because I am the weak, not the strong, and I don’t want to be taken advantage of by someone else who is simply better genetically endowed, or who can shoot better, or was born into a rich family. I need some sort of entity to step in and help me protect myself when the shit hits the fan. Let’s face it, some of us got the short end of the stick and we don’t like the playing field when we notice we have to kick the ball up the hill while the other team can just let it roll down. But even where I am in favor of the government, I can see that when the government’s approval rating is so universally low, it’s time to reevaluate what the government should and should not do.

Right now, the government is showing itself to be a bad parody of bureaucratic institution at its worst, nitpicking, stalling, waffling, unable to move due to lack of consensus, wrapping its influence around smaller and smaller aspects of what it governs. In programming terms it is becoming the nasty “God Class”, go Google it. It is also becoming an easy target for those who wish to pick up and point out the more sinister and nefarious elements that exist in government, (those elements which know how to use a bureaucratic machine to work towards their end) and weave plausibly incriminating stories of conspiracy and subterfuge. Who knows if such stories are right, or even if they err on being too simplistic a view. But one thing is clear, It cannot continue for long. As I said, the approval rating is so low that if it drops much further (which it is bound to do if trends tell us anything about projected change over time) we could be facing a lot of chaos and turmoil in the near future (give it 8-15 years tops).

There is that one saying, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If we can get enough people to start early, to begin thinking about the tough issues, to begin preparing for whatever may come, we may begin to make a better world for ourselves sooner rather than after the next crash…

The Audience