Life Plans?

by theaudiencespeaks

Life has momentarily stabilized enough that I can set writing goals again. But that may not last long as I am still searching around for a more full-time, predictable, work schedule. On the side I am also trying to further my education by gaining some certifications in the technological field to open up my job prospects. It just so happens that a member of my congregation is willing to take me under his wing and give me some tips, advice, and resources regarding said certifications, however, he wants me to have a life plan, of where I want to go and how I want to get there, before he wants to help me.

This topic of life plans has also come up a few times with other acquaintances. How does one make a life plan in this day and age? Or more particularly, how does one make a reliable life plan for 5 years out these days? As an adolescent I was positive about the field of labor I wanted to enter. However, once I began to study it, I found it detestable. After that I formed another 5 year plan, but as soon as I set out to begin that course of study, the plans immediately got derailed. And looking at those plans, I realize that they perhaps weren’t the right course for me anyway.

Back in years past, the barriers to entry were much smaller, you get a small loan, you get your resources, you get your education or apprenticeship, and boom off you go, you are a farmer/cooper/blacksmith etc… You could make a life plan and you had a pretty good shot at making it. And if things didn’t work out, you aren’t in a lifetime worth of debt. Heck, you could be an indentured servant for 7 years and you can get a piece of land at the end. I wish I could find the statistics on the average life of a home mortgage but I feel that it must be higher than 7 years, unless someone can provide solid evidence to the contrary regarding the united states.

But back to my point, how feasible is a good 5 year plan these days. One can’t even make the “sure bet” of, go to college, get a degree, get a job, pay off student debt in x years. The market is changing so rapidly and the barriers to entry can be a several year long process. By the time someone clears the hurdles for entry, there may not be a market, or jobs, left. Even the best laid plans for college, the safest bet on a degree can turn up sour at the end. These are things no one told me about as a kid. No one prepares you for this kind of stuff. But maybe, there isn’t even an appropriate way to prepare.

Still, I have options. I know I could work and make a living in several areas with my skillset. And I have backup plans. So, I guess I will just keep course correcting till I can navigate the rocky waters to a destination that is fine enough for me.

The Audience.

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