Economic Parasite

by theaudiencespeaks

The fictional Andrew Ryan feared that the parasite would ruin his utopia. The marks he used to describe parasites are eluded to in his words “What is the difference between a man and a parasite? A man builds. A parasite asks ‘Where is my share?’ A man creates. A parasite says, ‘What will the neighbors think?’ A man invents. A parasite says, ‘Watch out, or you might tread on the toes of God… ”

If Andrew Ryan were real, his and my views on the world, politics, economics etc, would differ greatly. I feel his means of identifying a parasite are… lacking. If he wanted a really good definition of a parasite he should have studied the behaviors of real parasites, and how they function.

The body is slow, and sometimes unable, to detect a parasite. The reason for this is that the true parasite fools the body’s defensive systems. It often times puts the defenses to sleep. Or it offers a mock resource, it pretends that it is providing something good for the host. But in truth the parasite takes resources from the host and multiplies till the draw of all it’s offspring eventually take too many resources from the host and it dies, leaving the parasite a limited time to find a new host, the body identifies the parasite and begins to attack, or till a physician treats the host and clears away the infestation. Let me be clear though, some parasites do help alleviate autoimmune disorders (allergies and such) when their population is controlled and kept low.

What in our economy resembles a parasitic entity, fooling people, promising value and rarely delivering, multiplying and growing ever larger to consume more resources than it delivers? Quite a lot of things depending on how you look at it. Certain Government functions. Sometimes a church or a group of churches can become dangerously parasitic. And how about the snake oil salesman? What about these random people who “follow” my blog who are from project AWOL? Yeah, those awol dicks, their whole organization that they work for, they are definitely fooling people by propagating false information (nullifying the immune system), and promising goods, while never delivering. They are part of a growing organization that is out to disenfranchise the poor and the vulnerable. They promise to give people secrets if the people pay, and quite a lot. They do very little to no good for the overall economy. They don’t provide an intrinsically valuable service or product, just hopes and dreams that don’t come true for all but the few fellow parasites that “Buy all in.”

But hey, like I said. Parasites in limited population is not all bad because it helps to prevent autoimmune disorders. And what is the economic equivalent of an autoimmune disorder? Attacking things that don’t actually harm the economy. We shouldn’t societally attack certain drugs if they don’t kill the population. We shouldn’t shun and castigate people who are out of the ordinary so long as they do not harm others. We should chill out a bit and not stress over things that probably do us no harm. But in this economy, in the United States, the once parasites are now looking like the host, and now we are caught up fighting against anything and everything in order to maintain the parasite’s hold and place.

And I’m tired of this topic for now. There are so many other things to discuss. So we may discuss the economic sedentary lifestyle later, along with other fun analogies, like the economic placebo and nocebo effects. But for next week, we move onto another topic, perhaps I will be driven to start the Master Curriculum.

The Audience.

Yes, I am fully convinced that the internet is not populated with real people. I feel like I am safe again to blather all the nonsense that courses through my mind. Three more “followers” have shown up, two are from overly parasitic organizations (one definitely from that damn AWOL brotherhood). The third looks a little more realistic in his promises of making money online, at least he is speaking something decent like 4k a month, which is a decent and livable wage, as opposed to the AWOL dicks who promise 10k months. The thing that is still fishy about the third guy is that he supposedly reblogged one of my posts, yet he doesn’t have a blog as far as I can see to where he could have reblogged anything.

Anyway, no more planning ahead on blogs. It is a bad idea. I need to focus on writing whatever is bothering me in my head right now. I should still do a few more drafts and edits, but that will all come with time. I will only worry that people are actually getting exposed to my madness once I start seeing people supporting my patreon account.