Economic Blood Clots and such

by theaudiencespeaks

Some things seem like a good idea till you finally step up to the edge. And So, I apologize for the following 500 ish words and promise to do better next week (where we talk about parasites).

Blood clots. They happen. It’s terrible. I looked up the wikipedia page on blood clots to see if there was any useful information that could aid me in my analogy of the economy to the human body. What blindsided me was a heap of the most stringent technical jargon revolving around thrombosis (the eh, technical name for blood clots, I think). The only thing that I found helpful was the only thing that is obvious. It is a blood clot. It is blood that has accumulated into a stagnant mass at some point in the circulatory system, and is bad because it can cut off circulation (or become dislodged and cut off circulation in more vital parts of the body.) All of this is a big duh.

So if you are following me (which you really shouldn’t be doing) you should now be asking yourself, what is a blood clot analogous to in the economy. Or rather, you should be intelligent enough to remember that blood is analogous to money in the economy. That would make a blood clot any large sum of money that remains stagnant, or, that in forming, reduces circulation down the line to the other individuals who need the resources and nourishment to maintain their level of activity (in other words, the CEO of the company where I am employed. Or the wealthiest 1% of people in an economy if they end up blocking the flow of resources and value to the rest of the economy to the extent that people aren’t able to survive. Ever heard of a livable wage? Or the MIT livable wage calculator)

What happens when blood flow is cut off? It sometimes results in gangrene (I’ll spare you the pictures as they are horrendous.) Again, wikipedia page not helpful here. There are multiple causes of gangrene, and multiple types of gangrene. I guess the same could be said of the economy, There are multiple causes for when sections of the economy, or the population, or industries, begins to die. These causes can be moving jobs overseas for lower prices, workers simply not being paid enough, or a bunch of volunteers doing your job for free thus undercutting your labor.

And last (for today) arterial plaque, the natural accumulation of various materials on the walls of your circulation system. Interestingly enough, the walls expand to some extent to accommodate the arterial plaque, but eventually, if things get out of hand circulation constricts and the heart weakens or suffers a heart attack. This one was harder to think up a good analogy for. Perhaps barriers to market entry?  The economy can adjust and sustain some barriers to entry. But when it gets too hard to enter, things slow down, and an economy risks a heart attack.

I’m looking for a means of finding sustenance myself, so you can tell where my mind is going at this moment, and unfortunately it isn’t free enough to give proper energy and attention to this blog. Perhaps when I get another stable job to get me through till other options have opened up (or the economy collapses again, then… oh well.) Until then, consider yourselves lucky that the truly devastating ideas that drive my mind have to take a back seat. You are all spared another day.

The Audience,

Well, four more “followers” have joined the herd. Though I doubt a single one of these followers have even thought of this blog or my madness since they began to “follow”. This is a good thing. I can then reasonably assume that my madness will stay contained here for the time being. A far better geiger counter for the madness spilling out would be the patreon account that my muse forced me to set up.

Nonetheless, let us look at these four new people. One more is from that project awol (next week I talk about parasites) which brings the total members of that despicable pyramid scheme “following” my blog  to three (or am I missing one?). One is a prolific lady blogger running a magazine, some of the posts are interesting, others look like buzzfeed fodder. Again, I doubt she has any legitimate interest in following this blog. The third is a true master at obfuscation, his blog is full of mysticism and things which hold strong personal connotation for himself alone. It is difficult to decipher his paradigm.

The fourth is of special note. He, supposedly, reblogged the fallacy of logic post. More to my horror was when wordpress told me this person had 150 followers. What was my dread to think that 150 more people had been exposed to my madness, exposed to the nihilistic void. But this morning I was reassured that no one saw this reblog. This person’s blog is 99.999% reblog, and lots of it. I did nothing but scroll for a solid 20 minutes this morning and then barely reached yesterday’s posts. The window of opportunity for any of his followers to actually see my post in the torrent of information is probably all of 3 minutes. What a relief. And what is more, my infectious madness was mixed in and diluted with lots of delusional insanity which can hardly be taken seriously. Honestly, one of the reblogs that I saw was a fundamentalist christian who refused to use google chrome because the icon is supposedly three 6’s. Although, if it was backwards, they would say it is a mirror image of three 6’s. Good old christians, seeing 6’s in everything (Look I just put three of them in this post. and one of my past posts had, coincidentally, exactly 666 words in it, I guess that confirms it, I am anti-christ : P) Moreover, this person has a post quite seriously declaring himself a prophet. He may as well join the club, for there are many (self proclaimed) prophets on the internet. Till next week.