Would you like to work in a suicidal pace environment?

by theaudiencespeaks

On one metric, that of longevity, the puritans did a damn good job with their ideas. They land on this continent over two centuries ago and still their work ethic is paraded about as though it were the most desirable past-time afforded to our frail human form. Then again, this should hardly come as a surprise as the nest of capitalism has incubated such sentiments since the foundation of this country. And the mother hens which over shadow us are the most cruel and cannibalistic of parents, or rather hypocritical of priests in the religion of the American Dream.

It seems as though the days are long gone when investment was made on the products and services one would like to see exist in the world. Outside of a few notable and noble exceptions, investors toss out nooses rather than best wishes, and only to those promising endeavors which look like they will be able to extract the digital dollar bills from the already strained masses. Of course, should the promising endeavor go pear shaped, the noose is pulled, the quick investors (usually the richest already) don’t loose a dime, and the slavish money extractors get strung up with bankruptcy.

Truth be told, this top down economy has little interest or incentive in trickling the lifeblood of the economy to the extremities. As far as the brain is concerned, as long as it has blood it can survive. Lose an arm, or a leg, the brain will pull through, at least till a gangrenous infection spreads, and the fire of pain threatens to envelop all conscious thought. But the brain cannot be bothered with such banalities. It is following the principle it has always known. “Drive up profit”. Making jobs, trickling down life blood, treating the extremities humanely, distributing labor (and therefore wages) evenly (or so far as the public will tolerate). These all go contrary to the principle.

And so, at $14.50 an hour you can get a job described as “working in a fast paced environment, 10 hours shifts, five days a week, and you have to be willing to work weekends when asked”. Thank you puritans. That sounds sooooo… pleasantly shitty.

The Audience