The Magic Value of a College Education.

by theaudiencespeaks

How does a College Education add value to the economy? This is a question that baffles economists. There are lots of theories out there but none of them really bring up a cold hard logically measurable result. I offer no such theory, nor do I offer a measurable result, and frankly I don’t really offer an answer. I feel the question itself is more valuable.

First, consider what we want education to do? Are we simply training for jobs? If the answer is yes, then is the current university model appropriate? If the answer is no, then are we trying to imbue these students with critical thinking and reasoning skills? if this is so, It seems our schools are failing at this as well. How about enriching the lives of students by exposing them to a wider array of disciplines and a broader range of ways to understand the world? This could very well be achieved by subscribing to various forms of media which cover a wide range of topics, it would certainly be cheaper. What about motivating students to be more engaged, or inspiring them into believing that they can do great things in the world? This too seems to be a haphazard and inconsistent outcome.

In my limited creativity I have one option left to offer up. Is the purpose of the university to frustrate the hell out of students so that in their passionate rage and fury they get up and march forth to change the world and make it a better place in conformity to their limited and inaccurate understanding? Well… if nothing else, I think the university is doing a fine job of this.

I am sure if there is an answer to the purpose of education, it is probably subjective. There is much more to say on this subject. But I will let this valuable question mull over in your brain.

The Audience