Your computer owns a piece of your soul.

by theaudiencespeaks

Who in their right mind would ever buy a $1,000 computer for school, and then the next day leave it in their backpack in class so that they could pay full attention to what the teacher is saying? What about that $250 tablet? or smartphone? What about that subscription to netflix, you wouldn’t pay $7 for the month and then not watch a single movie over the course of the month. What of that World of Warcraft subscription? What about that $60 game of modern warfare 3. What about that $70 you are paying a month for your screaming fast fiber optic internet? or the $90/month to the cable company for your 150 channels of TV. If you are paying so much for these things, then to not use them would seem rather wasteful wouldn’t it? But the itch is still there, to buy, to obtain.

And yet, there are 24 hours in a day, on average 720-745 hours a month. You only have a limited amount of time in any given day, month or year. And so that time must be distributed among work and sleep and all the various obligations and other activities that help you find fulfillment and maintain your well being. Of course there is going to be entertainment in there somewhere. But here is the critical question to ask yourself, is the amount of money I am spending on luxuries compelling me to use (or demanding of me) more time then I have. Am I controlled by the technology I have purchased, or should I strive to be more immune to the feelings of being wasteful, and be in control of myself.

Ultimately one must find balance, purchase what you have time to enjoy, and don’t get into the situation where you have to work so hard to pay for all the things you have no time to use. Lastly, invest in the things you truly want to support, or get involved with, or enjoy. It is a short piece of advice. Beware of being pressured by guilt into using something you purchased.

The Audience