The end of Goliaths

by theaudiencespeaks

We have had so long with us a succession of Goliath after Goliath, each David, after slaying, growing to take the place. Big name movie stars, big name brands, big politics and political parties, big music stars, etc… But you can sense it now, the drain, the demand. For the Goliath to remain a Goliath they must continue to monopolize your attention, and preferably your wallet. But the flood of Davids continue to rise, more indie music, more indie films, more small start up companies to provide you anything from food and electricity to clothes and technology. And the flood continues to rise till even the Goliath’s must now tread water, and panic.

Can you not see it? Can you not see the fear and panic in the two major political parties of the United States and their supporters? Over 50% of eligible voters did not vote for either of the leading candidates in 2012. That is called a silent majority. No wonder there is fear, no wonder the Goliaths of News are being more persistent that “If Your political party looses, the world will be over.” when the truth is, the only world that will be over is the world of the Goliath.

Even the Goliath of the private life will grow weary of holding the reins of the mighty chariot of the masses. Your jobs, or your past time of facebook or games, movies or music, though they have a tight rein on you now, even they will weaken over time so long as you are willing to struggle and demand nothing less then the most satisfying of lives.

And so my 20 (or hopefully my 19) I am one more David. One among millions. I do not seek to become the distant and towering Goliath, for their time is ended. I do not seek fame nor fortune, power nor praise. I only seek to serve the itch.

But let us now turn our brief attention to the Flood of Davids, producing, and vying for your limited time, attention, and resources. Among them are those who wish to become a Goliath. Should they not respect what they take from you as well? Do not be caught up or swept away by the myriad of books, shows, movies, or music. Do not let yourself be monopolized, drained of every drop of time or energy you have in the consuming of these diversions and entertainments. Make sure you live and balance the scales, giving as much as you are getting.

The Audience