Power Overwhelming

by theaudiencespeaks

Other writers have characters or worlds which demand they be written into existence. I have ideas and concepts, questions and conundrums which beg me to free them from the cranium prison. But even so, they don’t simply wish to have the key and be let out. As I have stated I am more the prisoner, and so the ideas are let out here instead of on some other normal avenue such as Facebook. It is the insulation of anonymity they crave.

Speaking of Facebook. I do not mean this in some bragging fashion, but I finally disabled my personal account a while back. There is something to be said about our relationship with our technology. The new age mystics promised us that the internet would develop into a networked collective conscience of sorts, that it would bridge the gap between cultures and language, and bring peace. The Rock and Roll mystics promised the same. But I detract.

I grant it is a truth that great things and terrible things have been done with our modern communication technology. Beneficial groups have been organized, and have helped people around the world. But with it also came the further spreading of hateful and bigoted ideas as well. It is a powerful… tool. But a tool is still all it is. Like any other tool, take the sword for example, it can be used in a dual fashion, it can help, or harm, it can protect, or kill. It can be used efficiently as in the hands of a master swordsman with a strong arm, or it can be haplessly swung about without skill or control only to chop ones foot off. It is the common nature of all tools.

Because of the fools who chop their own foot off, in other word they who do not use their tools wisely, do we abandon the sword? Thus should be the guide for us when discussing the internet and any other technology. Because of the many hours frittered away, or the distraction it poses, because of the hate and bigotry spread, do we abandon the internet? Obviously not.

Why then do I quit Facebook? It is an individual decision. I have goals in life, that which I call good leads me towards the fulfillment of those goals, I call bad or poor those things which do not lead me towards achieving those goals. Facebook to me is a poor tool to achieving my goals and I have little or no use for the things it (as a tool) is good at. My desires for interaction supersede the benign interactions benefited by Facebook, such as mass announcements of what I ate for breakfast, or that my dog ran away sent to a bunch of people across the country who can not help me.  Ultimately, I want to share deep personal thoughts and ideas, which I do easily through e-mail, or anonymously as per this page. Doing so publicly in front of many personal acquaintances on Facebook only leads to personal insult, misunderstanding and hurt feelings as the 4 and 15 have their way with my thoughts. Here the ideas can flow and they are insulated.

Alas, the ideas are still a tangled mess now. Like spaghetti on the page. But for now the itch subsides.

The Audience