by theaudiencespeaks

To the proverbial (and probably statistical) 20 of you who will ever find yourself un-lucky enough to come across this blog,

It is an acceptable fact to me that 4 of you will call me gay, stupid, or any other various pejorative, and that at least 3 of you will voice such opinion at some point in time. I expect this because, lets face it, I am in fact a pompous and presumptuous Asshole.

15 of you will likely misunderstand, misinterpret, or otherwise utterly fail to grasp what exactly I am trying to convey on this blog. You may find inspiration in these writings. But such inspiration will be almost entirely self generated. You may go on to share your misinterpretations to friends and family and feel all manner of smart about yourselves. Your benign presence here is welcome. Enjoy your stay.

But the remaining 1 of you. I’m not sure statistics are even in favor of your existence. But mister or misses 1, you will grasp the ideas I am trying to convey here if you read further. I ask you, I plead with you, please navigate away from this page and never look back. You see, I am not writing to you or for you 1. I am also not writing for the 15 or even the 4. I write to satisfy the itch, I write to appease my masters.

Who or what are my masters then? They are the disease, the mutations, the infections of ideas which produce a rash of desire. A desire to spread. Like all diseases, ideas want nothing more than any other thing, propagation, procreation, survival, emergence. In modern day language, the idea merely wants (in the same way an unthinking virus wants) to spread, multiply and eventually reach the status of a Meme.

But the mutations which pull my strings, they are subtle and powerful, and their only current weakness is that they are yet unable to find a vector. Articulation is what they lack. And so person 1, this is why you in particular must leave. You are susceptible enough, you are capable of piercing the cloud of vagueness with which I shroud the infection, you are capable of understanding and becoming infected yourself. These ideas do not need to enter through your dreams. And once you are infected, they will begin to find their vectors, and you too will feel the itch. And before long, you too will seek to infect.

These ideas seek to dismantle the foundations of our society. They seek to turn our eyes firmly upon the absurdity of our own sentience. They do not do so with violence, but with subtlety, like a decay. And so for the last time, I plead, do not read further.

The Audience

P.S.(A.) This blog is written under pseudonym in order to protect the author(s). These ideas are currently unpopular and may lead to political, social, or financial suicide. The layers of pseudonym are multi layered. If you do decide to dig deep and attempt to dox the author(s) (you will be disappointed at the ease of the task) please disparage the actual authors and no one who shares the name of one of the layers of pseudonym characters. Be warned though, unmasking/discrediting the author will probably be like stealing the neighbor’s rusty beater car, aka, not really worth the trouble. I mean, really, who the hell is going to read this blog anyway.